Another one from the Robba I like even more: I’M FREE

Now, Rob, we need the Tshirt! 🙂 And the book which i’ve put off writing too long: on FREEDOM, to go with LOVE, BEAUTY, and TRUTH, of II…

And we need to do a gig at the Magic Mind Lounge.

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‘Open Ya Dome’ by the Robba

Robert my son has returned to Kaiwaka and is now making music in the ‘lobby’ of the Magic Mind Lounge, where he is now a resident musician… His latest album the Freedome has a song Open Ya Dome, which has struck a chord, with over 300,000 views on Youtube:

It’s hiphop which isnt for everyone, but the message IS! Freedome = opening your ‘dome’ and being free from the inside.

Welcome Robert to the Magic mind Lounge. I hope we can announce some gigs here very soon – and the videos of the gigs will be hopefully uploaded here and on youtube.


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A new video from the Sunshine Poet – on money

Peter emailed Kane and said:

it’s good man! Rap on. actually batters away at the inner wall of illusion… what happens when we reach the other side? what happens when the New York Wall comes down? I am fidgeting at the verges of a new venture, the project… I would do it next week if i knew i could not fail. will i do it if i know i may not fail? What odds are enough to follow a dream of a better world? A world where the flow of energy (‘money’) goes unimpeded, unsapped by ‘interest’, straight to those who deserve it because they are actually adding value? And straight back to those who invested it because they were wise enough to see the value of what was being started? A new kind of capitalism – the good kind – would emerge: free enterprise, one might call it…:)

On 30 June 2012 15:30, kane hogan  wrote:

just finished this peter.

my modest effort and learning curve on imovie


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All things go right


by | June 20, 2012 · 9:39 am

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by | June 20, 2012 · 9:34 am

All things go right

Simplicity without a name

is free from all external aim

at rest and still

all things go right

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by | June 20, 2012 · 8:24 am



What a glorious gig,
where the magic just grows,
where the ‘meaning’ is made,
at the alchemist show.
He’s got a new line glowing bright
He’s the sunshinepoet peddler pushing light.

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by | June 17, 2012 · 7:57 am

Magic Mind Lounge now live – come see the ‘Avatars’ and more!

Hi to all my Facebook friends – the One-armed Teddybear and I

are excited to announce that the Sunshine Poet and I have got this new website for great talks and mind-leaping co-ceptualising, song, poetry and world-reimagining.

Do have a look. If only for the video of me and the One-armed Teddybear introducing the Lounge. 🙂

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First guests of the Magic Mind Lounge are ‘avatars’

I’m Peter Harris aka the ‘Wizard of Eutopia’, your host at the brand-new Magic Mind Lounge, a mainly virtual meeting-place for minds that are magic, want to be magic, or want to see some mind magic, can come and listen in to some mind-altering  and provocative conversations. Then comment, or apply to be a permanent guest blogger and log in at random times, have a rave and duck out again.

The first guests (pictured with me in the header on the couch at the hall of the School of Wisdom and wizardry, are of course not the real characters, who were unavailable at the time – though they were hopefully there in spirit!

So, welcome, and take a virtual pew,  and enjoy the conversation. More – much more – to come! FOllOW this blog won’t you!

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